About Us

In a league where honor meets aspiration, Task Force MVP stands as a sentinel of support for the collegiate spirit and the families who’ve served our nation with unyielding courage. Our mission transcends the field – it’s about cultivating a community where the dreams of student-athletes align with the virtues of our nation’s most revered heroes. 

Our student-athletes don’t just wear their teams’ colors – they carry the legacy of American valor. With every sprint, every score, every leap towards excellence, they uphold the spirit of those who’ve donned the nation’s uniform, past and present. Here, every game is more than a competition; it’s a tribute to resilience, unity, and honor. 

Meet the Squad

Chris Vedvick

Co-Founder and CEO

Chris Vedvick

Christopher Vedvick is a co-founder and CEO of Task Force MVP, a pioneering NIL collective. A native of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Christopher embarked on a notable journey of service when he joined the U.S. Army in 2000. His tenure as an Airborne Infantryman included a harrowing deployment with the 82nd Airborne Division in 2002 to Khowst, Afghanistan, where he demonstrated exceptional valor during an intense engagement with al-Qaeda forces.

Despite sustaining significant injuries, Christopher's resilience and dedication led him to not only recover but also to continue serving with distinction. Over the next decade, his career spanned various roles in Special Operations Forces, including the Joint Special Operations Command, the United States Army Special Operations Command, and Psychological Operations, with a total of seven deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Throughout his military career, Christopher's exceptional leadership and bravery were recognized with numerous honors, including two Bronze Stars, the Purple Heart, and a Meritorious Service Medal. Retiring honorably in 2016, he now calls Saint Augustine, Florida home, where he is a devoted father to his three children.

Widely respected for his ongoing advocacy for veterans, Christopher's contributions transcend his military service. His volunteer work with the Military Order of the Purple Heart and his tenure as National Commander of this esteemed organization exemplify his unwavering commitment to supporting combat-wounded veterans and their families. Christopher's journey from a decorated veteran to a visionary leader in the veteran community reflects his dedication to service, both in uniform and beyond. His leadership at Task Force MVP is informed by his profound experiences and steadfast commitment to excellence.

Mohamad Mirghahari


Mohamad Mirghahari

Mohamad Mirghahari, a Presidential appointee during the Obama Administration, held the position of Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Prior to this role, he accumulated 14 years of experience in high-ranking leadership positions within the Department of Defense. His work was dedicated to supporting counterterrorism initiatives that had a significant impact on mission-critical outcomes worldwide.

During his tenure at the Department of Defense, he fulfilled various global and domestic assignments, including roles in Bahrain, Afghanistan, Oman, and the Special Operations Command Central (SOCOM) at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. His expertise was instrumental in supporting special operations elements of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and the Air Force.

Mohamad Mirghahari's contributions were recognized with several prestigious awards, including the Secretary of Homeland Security's Award for Excellence in 2016 for his exceptional work with the TSA. Additionally, he received numerous commendations and awards from the Department of Defense, The Pentagon, NATO, and the Civilian Combat Support Award.

To this day, Mohamad Mirghahari continues to serve as a subject matter expert for the Irregular Warfare Center and the Department of Defense.